15 Great Argumentative Essay Topics In Biology

Writing an argumentative essay includes providing viewpoints on both sides of an argument. When choosing a topic think about how important it is for you to provide supporting details on both sides of your argument. There are various topics to consider in the field of biology people often have variations in opinions. Think about something you know well or something you want to learn more about to gain clarity as to why people have strong opinions about the subject matter.

What are Elements in Biology with Good Arguments?

To help you think about potential ideas for an argument essay think about elements of biology that present good arguments. There are elements people agree and disagree with that make for great essay content. You can ask people you know about related interests. Look in magazine publications with biology topics. Consider news media stories about things people are taking about. What are subject matters people often have problems agreeing with?

What are Your Interests and What Sources Do You Plan to Use?

Understanding your interests may include brainstorming ideas. Think about elements of biology that interest you the most. Think about elements of a good essay and what topic idea will help you create such content. Sources such as social media, newspapers and even experts who work in the field can provide potential sources useful for your essay paper.

15 Ideas to Inspire Your Own Argumentative Essay Biology Topics

A list can encourage creative thinking for academic writing. The following ideas for an argument essay in biology are basic writing prompts that can lead you to a great topic.

  1. Is enough being done to ban use of steroids in sports?
  2. What diseases need better control to reduce spreading?
  3. Advantages of abortion.
  4. Is an eating disorder considered a psychological problem?
  5. Do manufactured vitamins and minerals really help the human body?
  6. Are artificial sweeteners really a health risk?
  7. Cosmetic surgery should be banned.
  8. Should assisted suicide be allowed?
  9. Are humans at risk of being extinct due to climate change?
  10. What are problems associated with green energy?
  11. Why should we continue using plastic bags?
  12. Population control is not a problem.
  13. Are parents to blame for children born with deformities?
  14. Are hybrid cars helpful to the environment?
  15. We will run out of renewable sources soon.
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