Mansfield Park

Jane Austen started planning on writing her book Mansfield Park in 1811 and she finished it in 1813, but it was until the next year on May 4 when she published it. This was her third book even though unlike others of her books this one was not attached to her name but after her death it is when her name was attached to it. All her other two books were the revision of her earlier works but with this book it was not a revision. The book has got the extraordinary reputation of being disliked by many of Jane Austen's fans than the rest of her works.


Of all Austen's novels Mansfield Park is the most controversial of all the other novels. First of all the theme depicted in Austen's previous novels were short and precise with the title of the book. Sense and sensibility discuss how top balance thoughts and emotions, pride and prejudice talks about quickly judging others. Emma and Persuasion speak of maturity and second chances respectively. Mansfield Park theme, on the other hand, cannot be explained easily. Another issue in that novel is that the lead character, Fanny price who looks shy, with no self-confidence, timid, mentally and physically weak and to some people she is still annoyingly right in every decision. The plot differs from the theme of the book and the two not closely tied to the lead character's road to marital bliss. Some critics things that the casually accepted the benefits of imperialism and slavery.


In 1983, a BBC series was called Mansfield Park which was directed by David Giles with character retaining the names used in the novel. In 1999, a film directed by Patricia Rozema had its title as Mansfield and the characters shared the same name as in the novel. The film altered a lot of the major elements of the story and it portrays Fanny as the author of part of Austen's actual letter and the history of her children in England. The film emphasizes on how Austen disapproved slavery. A radio drama adaptation of Mansfield was started in 2003 by BBC Radio 4. In 2007, a television adaptation of Mansfield Park was created by company pictures and was televised on ITV1 in the UK. A chamber opera and libretto were commissioned in 2011 by Jonathan Dove and Alasdair Middleton respectively and its first performed by the Heritage Opera in July that same year. In 2014, youtube Vlog called from Mansfield with Love was adapted by the Foot in the Door. | Essay Writing Secrets