Mark Zuckerberg

Mark zuckberg was born in a well-educated family on 4th may, 1984. Edward zuckerberg, his father owned a dental chemistry while Karen, his mother was employed as a psychiatrist. Edward zuckerberg and his family lived in the village of Dodds Ferry, where mark was raised up. At a very tender age, mark zuckerberg developed great interest in computers. In fact, at age of twelve years, mark used Atari BASIC to develop a program for sending messages which he referred it as “Zucknet.” Edward zuckerber, his father made use of the program in his work place to communicate with his patients. The zucknet program was also used to pass information within family. Together with his parents, mark zuckerberg developed computer games which they used to have fun.

Education Background

So as to help mark develop his interest in computer programing, his parent hired David Newman, a private computer tutor to work with mark at least once a week. However, David found it hard to work with a prodigy who had just joined college by then. Mark zuckerberg was later taken to an exclusive preparatory school, Phillips Exeter Academy, in New Hampshire. At Phillips Exeter Academy, mark Zuckerberg continued to exhibit his ability, and was appointed the captain of the school’s team. Although mark performed very well in literature, his interest in computers remained fascinated and kept on creating new programs.

Mark Zuckerberg was enrolled at Harvard University after graduating in 2002 from Phillips Exeter Academy. It was during this time when mark developed a program which he referred to as Course Match that assisted fellow students to select their classes on basis of the course selections. He as well created a Facemash program that was used to compare pictures of students and gave other students opportunity to vote for the more attractive. The program gained fame very quickly but was shut down later the administration of the school.


While at Harvard University, mark together with his friends developed another program which allowed student to communicate with others and upload their photos. The group named the site Facebook. The program was operated from dorm room at the university until 2004 when mark dropped out of school.

This was the beginning of the growth and development of the Facebook. Mark who is among the five founders of the Facebook operates as the CEO of the company. Facebook has now gain popularity around the globe with over twenty billion users. Mark Zuckerberg is viewed as one of the youngest billionaires in the world. | Essay Writing Secrets