Why Smokers Should Pay More For Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act permits the insurance companies to charge tobacco smokers an amount of up to fifty percent more out of their monthly premiums. Those who are under obligation to pay more for health insurance are the self-reported users who make use of tobacco four times or more for the past six months. The assumption behind why they should pay more premiums is to inspire smokers to stop smoking so as to access health insurance. This paper will discuss why tobacco smokers should pay more premiums.

The first reason as to why smokers should pay more for health insurance is that smoking is harmful to the health of the smokers and to that of people close to them. Charging them higher premiums will, therefore, lead to a decrease in the smoking rate. And as a fact, if they stop smoking, it will give them a chance to access better health care whenever they need it.

The second reason smokers should pay more for health insurance is that, smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and cause of preventable diseases in the whole world. Death and the preventable diseases can be prevented if smokers cease to smoke or reduce their rate of smoking. Thus, smokers should pay more for health insurance so that the number of people suffering from cancer and other diseases resulting from tobacco smoking will reduce.

The third reason smokers should pay more for health insurance is that it is they have a personal choice to smoke or not to. The fact that it is not only affecting them as individuals, but also other people around them means that they ought to pay more health insurance to pay for the damage they expose other individuals to.

Charging smokers high premiums will help prolong the lives of both smokers and that of passive smokers. Prevention or aversion of smoking habits can increase the longevity of individuals due to the fact that smoking results into ailments and eventually causes death. Thus, paying more health insurance will discourage them from using tobacco, and they will be assured of a longer life.

The last reason is to help individuals to stop or reduce smoking. The fact that smoking leads to pollution of the environment and endangers other people’s lives, means that there is need to pay more health insurance to cover for the harm they are causing to other persons. The higher health insurance premiums will, therefore, discourage smoking and thus, reduce other environmental impacts and other impacts on people.

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