Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness that affects over one percent of the population. Although studies and treatments have developed enormously over the years, the disease and its causes still continue to baffle professionals. It is thought that there are certain factors that may increase the chances of developing schizophrenia such as environmental and genetic elements.

Although there is no specific gene that causes the illness, scientists have found some genes that are associated with it. It is possible to inherit the disease, with studies showing that if a person that has an identical twin with the disorder, they have between a forty and eighty percent chance of developing the disease. Also, if a parent suffers from schizophrenia, their child has a ten percent chance of getting it, and if a family member has the disease, people have more of a chance of developing the disease than people without any signs of the disease in their family.

There are also some signs that say that prenatal development or early environments can affect chances of developing schizophrenia. Whilst pregnant, issues like malnutrition, low oxygen levels or high stress can increase chances, and it is also thought that babies born in winter or spring where there are more infections and a higher chance of vitamin d deficiency have also been linked to the disease. In early life, if a child has been mistreated, socially excluded or had stressful life events, this has been found to increase chances of developing the disease in later life. This is also the same for adults, extremely stressful or life changing events can lead to the disease.

Another issue that may cause schizophrenia is drug use. Many different kinds of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and others have been found in some cases to cause the disease, and for individuals already suffering from the disease, can make symptoms worse. There have also been studies that show a link between a chemical defect or physical abnormality of the brain, and the disease.

There are other links to causes such as virus or infections, diet, hormonal activities and even diet, though there is no definite cause for schizophrenia, there are just factors that may cause the development of the disease. Research for the disease that causes hallucinations and delusions is continually evolving, and there are many treatments available now such as a range of different therapies and medications. | Essay Writing Secrets