Selecting Evaluation Essay Topics For College: Tips & Examples

An evaluation essay is the paper where the writer needs to state something as good, bad, better or worst compared to other things and based on strong evidence. Such papers may take ideas from the author’s personal experiences and opinions but must be objective in nature.

If you are to write an essay with this perspective then you need to choose a topic that you are not subjective about. Even if you have personal experiences, you must have enough evidence and supporting data to prove your experiences and opinions.

You need to make sure that you write about something that actually interests you. You need to pick a niche or an aspect, which you have yearned to write about. Consider this as an opportunity to express your ideas, creativity, and opinions, writing skills and imagination to the readers rather than thinking of it as an academic burden. As soon as you change your approach towards the paper, ideas will start coming on their own and you will remember a dozen of things which you wanted to write about as a kid or a teen.

Below is a list of examples for evaluation essay topics that you can consider writing about. However, it is important to note here that the purpose of the paper is to develop your skills and allow your creativity to excel. It is therefore, strongly suggested that you only take these ideas as an example, and uses them to trigger interesting and relevant topics on your own for your paper. The topic of your essay needs to be fresh, precise, and original.

Examples of evaluation essay topics for college

  1. Evaluate the story of Stephen Hawking as presented in the movie “The theory of everything” with that of his actual biography
  2. Discuss whether Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling was success as a novel or as a movie
  3. Evaluate a work of fiction you recently read or watched and show how it can hook the audience in believing something that does not exist
  4. Evaluate the experience of watching a sports match at home while watching it with your friends on a large screen
  5. Evaluate living together as lovers with that of living together after a legal relationship or marriage
  6. Evaluate the life of a school going kid as compared to that of a teenager who goes to college | Essay Writing Secrets