Writing A Critical Analysis Essay On The Scarlet Letter: 10 Good Ideas

The scarlet letter is one of the most renowned and critical writings. A very wonderful book that deserves a great audience. This remarkable work of art from Nathaniel Hawthorne is one of the most famous publications from the 1850’s. Writing an analysis the book is quite a simple thing if you know how to go about it. In the event that you’ve read this amazing book and you’d like to write a critical paper about it, you can consider the following guidelines:


Like any other kind of essay, you really want to begin with a good introduction to welcome your reader into your world. You can begin your analysis introduction by stating what the book is generally about. You can describe its author or publication years as well. Basically just give the reader an idea of what the book is about.


You can begin your work by describing the environment of the book. You can talk about the tradition of the characters as the author states. You can include the judicial system and give a glimpse into Hester’s situation.

Writer’s point of view

Analytical essays are all about giving a full idea of what the book is about. The story is created by the use of literary styles such as symbolism, imagery and allegory. In your writing, include the various styles to showcase what spices up the book.

Writing style

Including the writer’s style is also an important part of this writing. Try and compare Nathaniel’s style with the modern world. Show how unique it is from modern writings.


Explain the writer’s mood all through the book. Try and identify his interest and opinion of certain characters in the book.


Explain your own opinion of the title of the book and your reason of how the title is related to the work. Show connection of the title to ideas in the book.


Explain what you think of the ending and how it affects the opinion of the people in that certain era in time. Give an opinion of what the writer was trying to pass on in his work of art.


Most works of art in the 1850 were alluded a lot from the Bible. Identify the allusions in the book and their effect in the book.

Climax within the plot

Showcase the climax of the plot and how it builds up to that point. Explain how the writer has created the climax and his main teaching at that point.

Plot analysis

The analytical paper, as said earlier, is the reader’s point of view on the book. Therefore, for the reader of your analytical paper to understand the book you’re writing about, explain the plot. Show how each character is brought into existence and natured.

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