Composing A Solid Five-Paragraph Compare And Contrast Essay

Writing a compare and contrast essay is not an intimidating task but is more associated with fun. It is like bike riding where if you lose control can meet with an accident. Obstacles and roadblocks are part of both- biking and writing, only thing required understands of the subject, its rules and regulations. Implement them well and practice writing on such topics as much as you can.

Following is the step by step guide going through which you can create a remarkable five paragraph compare and contrast essay. Remember research, planning and organization are its integral part and are followed by editing and proofreading.

  1. Research: First of all go through the instructions meticulously. Read all the prompts offered by your instructor. This will provide a good understanding of the subject. Subsequently to that begin your research. Start reading and enlist all topics that stimulate you. Remember to choose an interesting topic. It will hold your interest and keep you engaged while writing. Collect all the important background information and dive deeper. Find more of scholarly and reputable resources or even check writing services.

  2. Planning: After deciding on your topic followed by the research, plan for it. Think for your objective. It will create minimum stress. Collect significant and fascinating phrases, quotations, data or figures to begin your essay with a bumping start.

  3. Organization: After you planned your paper, you need to start your organization part too. This step is called the outline which also acts a master plan for your research paper. This is the primary method and the roadmap. Schedule your thoughts and divide them into an introduction body, different paragraph body structures and a conclusion at the end that can leave a heavy impact on the readers. Remember, the body paragraph should be supported with appropriate evidences. These are small steps that are an integral part of the planning. Make appropriate transitions from introduction to body paragraphs to concluding paragraph.

  4. Editing: Just writing a 5 paragraph essay is not sufficient. You must proofread it in terms of content and sentence structuring.

  5. Proofreading: Correct all the grammatical mistakes in terms of punctuations, spelling mistakes etc and make your winning possible.

5 paragraph essays are no different than other essays. The difference lies only in the number of body paragraphs. Each body paragraph has to be written with supportive evidences. You have to focus on a mind-blowing start and a fascinating ending while writing a mind-absorbing conclusion. Once these parts are focused, your writing is sure to catch the deserving limelight. | Essay Writing Secrets