Basic Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A Definition Essay About Love

There are few words that have been as over-used and redefined as ‘love’. Thinking about it is a challenge, much less putting pen to paper and writing. If you decide to try your hand at being an essayist and this is the direction you choose, here are some ideas.


  • Be too general
  • There are many types of love. The Greeks tried to make it all clearer by having different words for love like Eros and agape but you do not need to use their terminology. Just bear in mind that you cannot hope to come up with anything precise if you try to cover every type of love all at once.

  • Be unoriginal
  • This is ‘love’ you have chosen to write about. It’s hard to add something new and insightful to the discussion but you should try. If not, your readers will be bored.

  • Leave in silly errors
  • There are great pieces of writing in existence that have not gotten the recognition they deserve due to preventable errors on the part of the writers. This is not an enviable position and you can make sure it never happens to you by proofreading.


  • Look for examples in history and fiction
  • There have been cases where mothers sacrificed hugely for their children, lovers did feats that seemed impossible for each other and leaders gave their lives for their countries. Some of these were real others imagined but referring to them can add more depth to your essay.

  • Look for explanations in science
  • This can seem like the worst idea when it comes to explaining love but looking into the science behind it can be illuminating. There are chemicals released when a baby is born that cause its mother to remember the pain of labor less and these help with the bonding process. It is not any less fascinating because it can be explained.

  • Submit early for extra points
  • This is a bit of a bonus tip. It works for most assignments once your teacher is willing to help you out. By doing this you can correct style errors that you would not have noticed on your own and over time you will improve as a writer.

Loving others may not always be easy but by following these tips you will have a much better chance at explaining the process in an essay. | Essay Writing Secrets