Equality In A Diverse Society

Equality implies the creation of fairer societies in which all the participation of all is allowed. Everyone enjoys opportunities to fulfill potential. A diverse society is which that is comprised of different or various groups of people who have differences. The differences are in terms of age and age groups, clans, ideologies, social normal and values and political views. In a diverse society, there is the essence of equality. All groups of people require same opportunities and the good living environment free from discrimination and threats. When there is equality in such diverse societies, then it implies that these societies are happier and also healthy. Occupational segregation should be condemned in societies to make life easier and better for everyone. All the differences of the people in the societies should be ignored. There should be a focus on opportunities provision and development for all. It is also essential that all rules or regulations are flexible such that they include the values and cultural benefits of the society members. Services should be accessible to all the people in a particular or given society. Also, the environment should be peaceful for all people.

Importance of Equality in a Diverse Society

Equality in diverse societies ensures that there are equal and fair opportunities for all. There is recognition of people of all religion, tribes, race, ethnicity and also sexuality. Besides, there is equal treatment of people from different language groups, sexuality, age and also class. If it is a work environment, then all employees feel motivated valued, and fairly treated. Sensitivity in policy making takes into consideration, so the no people are discriminated against. Issues in a diverse society are therefore taken more sensitively. Avoidance of discrimination means that there is the respect for all humans around us. It is thus essential to be fair in service provision and also ensure accessibility for all.

Benefits of Equality in a Diverse Society

Provision of opportunities for all ensures that there is fair treatment for all. This way, people feel motivated to continue living or working in an environment. Also, equality in such societies ensures that no group or individuals feel segregated. Teams are formed and include people from all the groups without discrimination. Therefore, some groups or individuals are not secluded in development or work issues. People understand each other and can stand all other peoples or groups differences. Peace and harmony are thus easy to maintain.

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