The Diamond Necklace

The Diamond Necklace is a silent historical drama film of British decent that was written in 1921 and directed by Denison Clift. In the play, one Mathilde Loisel is charming and very pretty although she feels she was conceived and born into a family of low economic status. Later on, she would get married to a lowly clerk from the Ministry of Education who could only offer her a modest lifestyle that was rather uncomfortable for her. The Diamond Necklace is indeed a moving film that highlights a woman obsessed with material wealth and possessions. Poverty is a humiliating affair and the issue seems to discourage her a lot in her life pursuit of dreams.

Poverty weighs so much on her and she has a lot of regrets in her life and takes very many hours figuring out about an extravagant existence. As the husband gets pleased with a small and modest supper that she made for him, she has dreams of an elaborate feast prepared and served on fancy China and eaten in the company of friends that are wealthy. At the same time, she has no fancy clothing or jewels despite having lived for these things over time. To be desirable, she feels she must have them. The situation breaks her heart to the point that she cannot visit her wealthy friend, Madame Frostier.

Mathilde is always yearning for pleasurable moment and some hope arrives when her husband comes home with an invitation for a formal party organized through the Ministry of Education. It is his wish that her wife will find excitement with the offer to attend this event but she instantly gets angry and starts to cry. She does so because despite being invited to such an occasion, she has nothing important to put on and she must give out the invitation to a friend whose wife has better clothing. The husband gets hungry at how she reacts and enquires about the cost of a good dress from her. While the 400 francs mentioned is too much for him, he agrees to offer it.

This life continues with drama due to the wife’s lack of jewels as the day of the party approaches. The husband suggests for her wife to put on flowers but she adamantly refuses until she successfully borrows a diamond necklace from her wealthy friend, Madame. She is forever grateful for Madame’s show of kindness. She ends up being the most charming lady in the party to a point where she is noticed by all – something that brings a lot of satisfaction to her and the drama continues. | Essay Writing Secrets