How JROTC Builds Character And Leadership


Leadership qualities differs from person to person on the basis of character and behavioral traits. It is prominent for an individual to excel in the professional domain. However, having the qualities of leadership will not be a sustainable for an individual, until and unless he/she is involved in continuous development of his/her character and qualities. In this regard, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is deemed to be vital. It is a particular program that helps in building character and leadership abilities within an individual.

Discussion: Building Character and Leadership with JROTC

JROTC is a three year program sponsor directly by the United Stated Armed Force. The program is mainly conducted with the students of high school institutions in America to inculcate the aspects of responsiveness and personal development amid the participants from the basic level itself. The program is also targeted towards building character of high school students with regard to their sense of wellness, achievement and leadership among others. Apparently, the program has certain stern activities for students, which often ignite a sense of reluctance amid the participants towards joining the program. However, proven positive outcomes of the program over the years of its existence has enhanced the prominence of the same to a considerable extent. The membership of this program is only limited for the US citizens.

Notably, the program involves numerous physical activities for the participants that holds direct resemblance with the basic training activities prevail in the defense sector of the nation. In the first year of the program, students needs to attend physical education, clearing of which will ensure their future association with the program. In course of associating with this particular program, students are tested in hard conditions in order to enhance their physically and mental strength. This can be justified from the fact that the program is conducted following military curriculum and guidelines.

The program also work towards enhancing personal accountability of students so that they could be able to gain success in diverse environment both in personal and professional domain. Enhancing the sense of social responsibility within the students is also another approach of their program to build character and leadership among individuals. Apart from that the program also develop the abilities of students to ensure effective decision making that can beneficial for one and all. Thus, it is apparent that JROTC program works towards overall development of students with regard to their character and leadership abilities.


From the overall study, it can be concluded that JROTC program is an important approach towards early year development of students in terms of character and leadership development. It work towards overall growth of students and make them a complete individual where they can sustain in diverse and challenging environment. | Essay Writing Secrets