Air Pollution

Air pollution takes place as a result of driving and regular work transportation as well as aerosol cans. People continue to use spray cans even though they are well aware that their use of spray cans is harming the environment. People continue to drive cars that utilize a great deal of gas or are producing excess exhaust in spite of knowing that they are causing damage as well. In addition many pollutants are released from major manufacturing plants.

Air pollution is incredibly prominent. Recent studies indicate that many people feel their weekends or days off are typically full of rain and not the sunshine that they enjoy at the beginning of the week. Scientists decided to test this theory and found that in fact there is a higher chance of rain and cloudy weather on the weekends compared to the beginning of the week. The reason for this is because of the smog that accumulates from commuter traffic. People driving to work and running errands during the week actually increases the air pollution to such a significant degree that it has changed the natural weather patterns. The weather actually gets worse as the week progresses because of the accumulation of smog and upon the weekend it begins to dissipate in the form of rain. People run fewer errands on the weekend giving it time to break up. But as soon as the week starts up again people run errands and they bring with them the smog of traffic and the permanent alterations to the weather.

Aerosol cans have increased the amount of toxins that are released into the air. As a result they have increased the amount of damage done to the ozone layer and to the atmosphere. The contents of aerosol cans are available in almost identical fashion in non-aerosol spray can version which begs the question whether it is mere laziness that causes people to continue buying and using them or something else.

There are a few countries around the world who are well known for their manufacturing. The key downside to this is that they lack environmental policy to limit or put an end to air pollutants released by their company. This is not only causing damage to their air but that air is then circulated around to nearby countries. It is because of the continued use of aerosol cans and the regular commuting during the week that the air we breathe is becoming worse. Countries producing high rates of air pollutants are continuing to grow without any oversight or environmental policy in place. | Essay Writing Secrets