Socrates & The Case Against The Ideas


Socrates was the great Greek classical philosopher. He was the founder of the Western Philosophy. Through the writings of his great students like Plato & Xenophon people can know about the great philosopher. Socrates was popular at his time because of his novel behavior & ideas. In 399 BC Socrates was sentenced to death considering that his ideas challenged the order of the society. The ancient Greeks believed that the god of the city protected their city from various natural disasters such as flood storm pledge etc. & if Socrates teaches young people without giving proper respect the city could fall in danger. For teaching young people disrespecting the god Socrates was charged & sentenced to death. The ruler of Athens told him to give up philosophy but did not do that & received the death penalty.

Ideas & The order of society

According to Socrates, philosophy should achieved practical result for the well being of the society. He tried to establish a human reason based society rather than theological code. He showed that the desire of happiness motivate the choice of human. He believed that government work best if the ruler had a vest knowledge ability & understanding capacity.

Socrates was morally politically & intellectually different from the people of Athens. During the trial for mortifying the mind of young people Socrates said that they should concerned about their welfare of the souls rather than their family.

Socrates ideas had affected the view toward the knowledge politics & virtue of people of the society. Socrates had clearly differentiated the knowledge & the ignorance. He also believed that one should give concentration on the development of himself than on material things & encouraged people to develop a good relationship among other society member. In politics Socrates did not like the form of the Athens, he supported the democracy.

These ideas have a great influence over the young people of Athens. During that time Athens was going through a histrionic transition from hegemony in the classical world. At that time Athens enter into a period of instability & doubt about their identity. As a result their past glories notion wealth & fixation with physical beauty was hugged. In that time Socrates confronted these values with his persistent prominence on the importance of the thoughts. The admiration of Socrates by many Athenians challenged the Greek wisdom for that reason many Athenians grew angry towards Socrates. This created a situation that people of Athens were divided, some were supporting Socrates & some became his enemy which had ultimately affected the social order & for that reason the jury charged him for making the affecting the peace of society & sentenced him to death.


Socrates was one of the greatest philosophers in the world. Socrates believed that the better way for living was to focus on the quest of virtue. In his whole life he tried to spread wisdom & inspired the common people to build a friendly relationship with each other. Socrates ideas & philosophy had greatly affected the social system & order of Athens. He emphasized on the human reason based society rather than the theological based one & gave importance on the ethics. Socrates ideas had influenced the young people if Athens & they had criticized & challenged the Greek belief & wisdom which had lead the society into a rough condition for that reason many Athenians become enemy of Socrates & the authority became angry about the popularity of him. So the authority had charged two cases against him for disrupting the social order & the jury had verdict him to death sentence. In 399 BC he was sentenced to death. | Essay Writing Secrets