Ancient Egyptian Technology

Ancient Egypt is known as the greatest civilization of all time because of the following factors:

  • - Their great leaders (pharaohs);
  • - Their great knowledge; and
  • - Their amazing technology for the time period.

Ancient Egypt has the greatest leaders, recorded in the history of modern day civilization, who knew what it was needed to grow and maintain their empires. One of the major Pharaohs of Egypt was Ramses, who built the most pyramids, and made the most advancements during his reign. Pharaoh Ramses was a great leader because he knew how to build and grow his empire, he had the best “royal team” around him, and he saw the importance of advancing the kingdom with education and technology. Pharaoh Ramses had no issue with seeking assistance from scholars and educated men when it came to running his empire. The Pharaohs, during the era of Ramses, made the most advancements in the development of Ancient Egypt. These Pharaohs ensured that Egypt would grow to rule over the majority of current Middle East, current Africa, and current Asia.

The Egyptians were hated by other civilizations like Greek and Roman civilizations because of their education, amazing skills as mathematicians and scientists, and construction capabilities. Ancient Egypt did the amazing feat of building some of the greatest monuments that included their pyramids, gigantic statues, and burial sites. It is amazing how the Egyptians were able to build some of the greatest pyramids with limited tools, machines, and only manpower. They were able to do this because of the intelligent mathematicians and builders who knew what it took to build of the biggest and strongest monuments. The style created and developed by the Egyptians to build their pyramids is still used today to construct buildings. The Egyptians saw the importance of educating of the ruling parties to ensure that they maintained their power.

Egyptians were mainly known for their advancements in mathematics, english, and science. The Egyptians were the ones who created the science of preserving a person’s body when they die. Their preserve process was known as mummification. The process of mummification went as follows:

  • - The deceased body was prepared for death by removing organs and body parts that were not vital to living.
  • - Next step, the body was filled with certain liquids that would make it easy to be mummified.
  • - Third step, the body was wrapped in special clothes that would ensure that it was preserved for the afterlife.
  • - Fourth step, the body was placed into a tomb (pyramid) with the necessary tools needed to live in the afterlife.

Ancient Egypt developed and created methods in technology that are still being used in today’s civilization. Ancient Egypt will always be considered one of the greatest civilizations in history. Many of the technology methods developed and created by Ancient Egypt are still being used to this day. | Essay Writing Secrets