Free Tutorial On How To Compose A Good Essay On Ethics

Writing an essay on ethics can present different challenges because it requires you to develop your own position on a complex issue, present arguments for and against, and ensure that your reasoning is valid. So, you may spend hours working on the assignment if you do not have a useful tutorial in hand.

What Ethical Issues You Can Describe in Your Paper

Students often procrastinate if they are not given an essay topic. However, you can easily get back to work after you study the following sample prompts about abortion and related ethical complications:

  • Is the embryo a person?
  • Is the pregnancy a part of the woman’s body or an individual form of life?
  • Does the embryo feel pain?
  • What is the role of religious beliefs in how a woman understands pregnancy?
  • Can abortion be considered as a “selfish” act?

How to Write a Quality Ethics Essay

You should understand your assignment before getting to work and then follow these guidelines:

  1. Select a topic for your paper on ethics.
  2. It’s fine to pick a broad topic which can be narrowed down to a specific inquiry later, e.g. start with “ethical issues of abortion” and then end with “when a human is first recognized as a person in different countries.”

  3. Consider what you want to write about.
  4. Free writing is a great technique that you can use to come up with the ideas and facts worth mentioning in your paper. So, write down everything that comes to your mind, cut the ideas irrelevant to your topic, and organize your notes in a logical manner.

  5. Create your main argument.
  6. You can write a temporary thesis statement that is subject to change as you continue to work on your essay. For instance, you may claim that a zygote is a person, so abortion is a murder, but change your point of view later.

  7. Pick sources to conduct some research.
  8. You need to provide supportive ideas to strengthen your thesis, so select sources, evaluate them, annotate significant findings, and then quote them where appropriate. If you have no idea where to find relevant literature, ask your school librarian for help.

  9. Write your draft and revise it.
  10. Writing your assignment is a fast task to complete if you do not overthink each sentence. So, try to write down all the key points that you came up with, add vital evidence, and conclude everything. It makes sense to take a short break and then revise your work. | Essay Writing Secrets