Crafting An Informal Essay: Definition, Tips, And Fresh Ideas

Essay writing is a skill that is required in most classes. No matter which field you choose to study, you will likely not get away without having to write a fair share of essays. The essay is an essential grading tool that forces the student to explain what they have learned. It is not as easy as choosing the answer from a multiple choice question or filling in the blank. The student is required to articulate their ideas and present them in a logical form.


One popular type of essay format is an informal essay format. The informal essay is one that is written in a conversational tone instead of a formal tone. It is written to be more personable. The reader should feel like the essay was written especially for them. There is no need to be extremely formal and avoid using words like “I” and “you” in this essay form.


  1. Pretend that you are having a conversation
  2. You should feel like you are having a conversation with your reader and not with a group of people. The paper should be written in a personable manner so that your reader feels like it was written directly for them. This is a good way to ensure that you write an informal paper.

  3. Personality shines through
  4. Make sure that your personality shines through in this essay format. You will need to make sure that your reader gets to know a little bit about you. Feel free to include your life experiences to explain various things within your paper. You will want to let a little humor shine through with your personality. Let the reader know you.

  5. Tell a story
  6. If you are writing about something that you have witnessed in your own life, like a trip that you took, you want to tell your audience the story. When writing the informal essay, be sure to include the things that you smelt and heard and not just what you saw.

    Fresh Ideas:

    • - Write about a trip you took to a place that was interesting to you.
    • - Write about a job that you would like to do
    • - Write about an event that was significant to you
    • - Write about a person who inspired you
    • - Write about a book or play that moved you

There are so many different topics to write about. Just choose one that you found important and that you feel like bragging about. It is a good way to know how to choose an interesting topic for this type of paper. | Essay Writing Secrets