A List of Outstanding College-Level Argumentative Essay Topics

When writing an argumentative essay you will want to follow the same formula that is followed for any other formal essay. You will begin with an introduction, follow with body paragraphs, and wrap everything up in the conclusion. By following this formula you will produce a well-organized paper each and every time you set out to write an essay. In order to begin to writing you must have a unique idea and strong research. We have put together a list of outstanding college-level argumentative essay topics for you use and inspiration when tackling your next essay of this type.


  • US Invasion of Iraq: What is said about the purpose and effects of US Invasion in Iraq? Make an argument for or against this invasion. Illuminate the intricacies of the issues.
  • British Occupation of Syria: Similarly to Iraq, what advantages or disadvantages do we see of British presence in Syria? Bring to these points to light and convince us of their necessity or lack thereof.
  • Spanish Occupation of the Philippines


  • Usage of Large Hadron Collider: Does the technology of the collider pose a large physical harm? If so, how? Argue for or against the safety and effectively of the LHC.
  • Fracking: Do the pros of fracking outweigh the consequences? Why is it implemented?
  • Evidence of Global Warming

Language Arts

  • Is Shakespeare Real?: Many believe the multitude of Shakespeare's writings to be produced By more than one writing. What evidence do we have for or against this allegation?
  • Censorship in Publication: What kind of publication censorship do we see in modern day? What are the positive or negative effects?
  • Limitation of Freedom of Speech


  • Real World Math: How is the algebraic math we learn throughout our education applied in the real world? What kind of application is important or not?
  • Statistics of Racial Profiling: Are there statistics used for racial profiling? How is this right or wrong? Does it keep us better protected?

Take these ideas and think about what you find most interesting. Maybe one of these topics seems like a perfect fit, or possible one of the ideas Spurs your own unique idea. Either way, looking to these ideas and other potential topics out there can help get you started. Once you have determined what is best for you, you will be ready to proceed With the standard essay execution.

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