4 Tips On How To Write An Expository Essay Introduction

In order to learn to compose the introduction of an expository essay, it is important to learn and analyze the meaning and purpose of such a writing. An expository essay is meant to lay out a certain idea with the help of facts and topical references. Throughout the paper, it is not important that the author’s personal opinion do not make an impact on the conclusion of the piece.

The shape of the expository depends largely on the way it has been initiated. There are several people that are adept at this. Others would need a little more practice. The following tips could really help a great regard in curating the introduction.

Open powerfully

The first line of the introduction is imperatively the first line of the entire essay. So in order to create the desired impact on the reader, it is paramount to start on a strong note. Good opening lines are often the cornerstones of good essays.

Here are a few options for the opening line:

  • - Invoke a contextual statement from a famous writer
  • - Ask a pertinent question
  • - Highlight a contrast

Follow up the first line well

Oftentimes expository essays fall short of the right second lines. This is partly because of the fact that most writers pay keen attention to creating an impactful first line. While the latter objective is mostly achieved, the second line becomes lackluster.

The right idea would be to immediately start telling a story beginning with the second line itself.

Do not tell the entire story in the first para

While the second line can be a beginning of a story, you must restrict it right there. Since the second line is more of a cover for the powerful opening line, the lines that follow the second sentence must take charge of two things: holding the attention of the reader and doing justice to the opening lines.

However, you must not attempt at telling the story you started in the second line in the lines that follow.

Avoid the humdrum

You must try and avoid using mediocre words and sentences in the introductory paragraph of the expository essay. It is your duty to make sure that the readers do not lose interest while they reach the end of the essay. It is also equally important to create the right set of questions that the readers will look forward to being answered in the paragraphs to come.

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