Sleep And Addiction


Addiction, a habit or a thing on which a person depends on more than that of his need or he wants that thing in extra ordinary amount as compared to the standard needs. So, sleepdisorder is also very helpful to determine that person is needing for more and more sleepis just because of actual need or it is an addictive response because addiction falls in many ways like sleep disorders which is due to depression that is very common among depressed people. Then the mental and physical health is also disturbed by sleep disorders and it creates a long chain of pain and unsatisfied feelings. That person may becomes addictive to alcohol drugs which would temporarily become an easy way to cope with the situation but not permanently. So addiction just satisfies the temporary symptoms of sleep and depression but not permanently. The main cause of addictive disorders are sleep disorders and depression.


Now with the advancement of technology addictive disorders and sleep disorder is better understand by professionals that how and what are the causes ,factors and symptoms and ways for recovery of these disorders can be resolved. According to American Medical Association 50 percent people having mental health disorders are due to abusive substance or addiction and 43 percent having 12 months addiction are facing 12 months disorders of mental health.

Association of sleep to addiction

Those people who are addictive to alcohols and drugs their sleep is in continuous mode of disruption which is due to the effects of chemicals they have been taking for so long it creates effects of brain alerting that leads to insomnia. Their good night’s sleep would still be difficult to find even when they are in recovery stage, insomnia takes a long period of time to become independent of addicts. In fact the addicts who start taking drugs and alcohol and become desperate because they believe that they can sleep again for period of time with these addicts.

Some patients who have chronic pain experiencing bad or poor sleep so sleep treatment or sleep evaluation should be made to these patients to provide them quality of sleep.


For curing insomnia it is better to leave the addictive drugs and alcohol intake. Whether you get a bad condition of sleep and not getting a good night’s sleep but always try to stay away from all those addicts and act on your decision strongly and permanently in order to achieve your goal. | Essay Writing Secrets