How To Organize Your Work On An Academic Paper Efficiently

When you are writing an academic paper, you must realize that the organization of your paper is what truly sells the material you are presenting.

  • - All papers need to have the basic components: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction is where you let the reader know what they will find as they read, and what you are going to accomplish. Remember that organization of your paper might be crystal clear to you, but it may not be as clear to the reader. So make sure your introduction is written well enough that it offers them a road map they can follow. In doing this, you can ensure that the reader can properly evaluate your work. Tell the reader what your subject is, what you want to discover, and how you are going to discover it. If your paper is more of a theoretical one, then you might include a review of existing literature in the introduction.

  • - The main body of your paper is what requires the most logical organization. If you are writing a longer paper, you might want to break up the body of your text with headings and subheadings. These can be used to ensure the reader is aware of your organizational structure. You should never assume the reader knows everything that you know. You want to include relevant parts and the significance of those parts.

  • - The conclusion is where you summarize your arguments, but also where you stress the evidence that you presented in the body of your paper. You should sum everything up nicely for your reader, so that they are not left hanging. Most readers will recall the conclusion with more detail than any other part, so make sure it is crystal clear.

With your arguments in hand, you can arrange the approach to your presentation in two key ways. The first is to introduce the information you are covering in a chronological fashion. If done well, this approach can be quite good. You just need to place a greater deal of emphasis on why things took place, rather than just emphasizing what took place.

Another approach is the most analytical one. This is where you organize your paper around a set of variables or factors that are related to the paper’s subject. You can use a theoretical approach to organize the paper too. | Essay Writing Secrets