Composing A Powerful College Essay: Useful Tips And Examples

In college, you would be given an EXCESSIVE amount of work! Yes, I know it because I’ve been through the same stage as well and it was really tough! However, if you somehow manage to survive it, you would be rewarded greatly! Obviously you need to be well equipped first if you want to write great essays. However, you might wonder how you are going to do that. Well, that’s what this guide is for – it’s written for you so that you can get some insights on how to do it properly:

  • Be concise
  • Unlike creative writing, your essays should be as concise as possible. You shouldn’t be using any unnecessary works in there – try and avoid any sorts of adjectives for a word. Be economically friendly on your word count!

  • Plan ahead
  • As for any assignments, your essay should be well planned. A good 2,000 words essay should take you quite a lot of time (roughly 20-30 hours of working time). Obviously that’s not all about just typing your words into a word document, but rather reading around the subject and understanding the concepts. It’s not easy at all, but that’s what you must do if you were looking for some great grades!

  • Don’t make any unsupported claims
  • Some sort of academic sources must be used to back up anything you say. Otherwise it would not be valid in the world of academia. I know it’s annoying, but that’s how it works! It’s pretty much all about the theories and similar ideas and concepts – that’s why it could be difficult to write these essays. Spend more time today working on it!

  • Never plagiarise
  • Plagiarising is a horrible mistake and it is something that you should certainly avoid. To put things in perspective, it’s probably better for you to write an absolutely rubbish essay than to plagiarise. Yes, that’s how bad plagiarising is; not to mention that you could get expelled or have your study postponed! Do you think it’s still worth it?

  • Discuss anything with your professor
  • Remember, your professor is the person marking your essay and that’s why you must talk to him or her about your work. Any ideas that you have should be first approved by the professor. Otherwise you might stray down the wrong path and it could be too late for you to turn back! | Essay Writing Secrets