Where To Find A Strong Analysis Essay Example: Useful Advice

On occasion, a teacher or a professor may require students to write an analysis paper. Unfortunately, many students are unfamiliar with this type of writing. They may mistakenly believe that an analysis paper is just another way to summarize a story or poem. In reality, this type of paper requires more than just summarizing what happens. The student must also be able to explain how and why something happens.

  • What is an Analysis Paper?
  • The basic form of analysis paper is to look at an article, a document, or novel and analyze how and why things occur in it. Students must create an argument known as a thesis statement. This thesis will be the one or two sentences that the entire essay is based around. It must make a claim that the student proves by the end of the paper. Basically, students will have to take the source document apart and explain it.

  • Consider Metaphors
  • If it is difficult to create a thesis initially, students should return to the literature and look for metaphors. Most writing will include common images, recurring themes or metaphors that the student can use as the basis of their essay. The student should consider how the pattern can be interpreted or how the metaphor improves someone's understanding of the text. In order to use this as the thesis of the essay, the student must have evidence to back up their claim. If the metaphor is not used for the same purpose every time, then the students argument is invalid.

  • Finding Online Examples
  • Once a student understands how an analysis essay is written, continuing to write them is easy. The hardest part is writing the first analysis essay. Most students have never read an analysis of literature, so they are unaccustomed to the writing style. To make the writing process easier, students can look for examples online or in their library. The professor may also have examples available of how the essay should be structured or how to develop an argument.

    If the professor does not have an analysis example available, there are options available online. Occasionally, students can find examples from the exact book that they plan on writing about. For more unique novels or articles, students will have to read similar examples and draw their own conclusions. Through utilizing online examples, writers can gain a clearer understanding of what will be required in their essay.

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