Coming Up With Impressive Argumentative Essay Topics In History

In an argument essay, you need to make substantial arguments based on good evidence to convince the reader of your point of view. This is not as easy as it sounds so the first thing you need to have is a great topic. One of the most promising subjects for argumentative essays is history as it is replete with instances that can be argued for with fervor.

Here is a list of great argumentative essay topics in history.

  1. America’s global dominance throughout recent history is a detriment to the rest of the world and should be challenged.
  2. The United States has done a lot for the improvement of the world community and its dominance has had a huge role to play.
  3. The impoverished nature of the African continent is a sign of the inaction of the world community throughout history.
  4. The Falklands War was a decisive indication of British maritime superiority.
  5. The aircraft carrier is the most basic reason for American dominance of the high seas and the source of its military superpower status.
  6. The role of the United States has been integral in the development of the digitally advanced connected world.
  7. The United States is the biggest exporter of consumer culture in history.
  8. The United States has had the biggest role to play in the establishment of Capitalism as the dominant economic narrative of the world.
  9. The British Empire was the original trade franchiser.
  10. Germany has played the biggest role in shaping world history in the 20th century.
  11. The advent of the airplane is the most important invention in history.
  12. The Electronic media has played a role in changing the tide of history many times.
  13. The digital revolution has changed how history is recorded.
  14. It is said that history is only someone’s version of what happened. This is true because the narrative can change perceptions.
  15. The evolution of Japan from reclusive imperialist power to integrated business hub was inevitable.
  16. South Asia, home to the largest portion of the world’s population, is the future’s economic powerbroker: a theory proven by history.
  17. China and its story from communism to economic prosperity.
  18. Australia’s history, from a veritable jail to a powerful economy.
  19. Afghanistan: the world’s most troubled land.
  20. A history of Antarctic exploration. | Essay Writing Secrets