Creating A Powerful Essay About Community Leadership

Community leadership is an interesting topic to write about. There are lots of different views on what community-based leadership is, what qualities good community leaders should have, and how one can influence the process of assigning new leaders. Due to this controversy, teachers have no chances to get bored reading their students’ papers. At the same time, students have great chances to reflect on the existing problems in their communities, express their attitudes towards them, and even offer their solutions. If you write an essay about community leadership, make sure that your ideas are well-reasoned and your paper is well-organized. Keep in mind the following tips on how to successfully cope with the task:

  • Choose your topic.
  • Your topic will define the scope, direction, and type of your paper. Of course, you may simply inform the reader what the term of “community leadership” means. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, pick a specific aspect to explore in your essay. For example, you may compare desired and real qualities of a specific community leader. You may also explore how effective community leaders can be trained, or trace the life of a real community and analyze how its leader and the group cooperate.

  • Decide how you are going to develop your argument.
  • The organization of your work depends on the type of writing you are going to produce. Namely, if you are going to compare the qualities of a perfect leader and a real person leading the community, you’ll have to compose a compare and contrast paper, and it will be arranged correspondingly. If you want to prompt how a particular leader should respond to the burning problems of your community, this will be a problem solution essay, and you should set a problem and offer your solutions in separate paragraphs.

  • Find strong evidence.
  • Whichever type of paper you work on, make sure that you support your thesis with quality evidence. Relevant facts, specific examples, and suitable quotations should be taken from credible sources. Use equally strong evidence for all of your arguments.

  • Be objective.
  • Assess the topic in a clear and unbiased manner. Don’t rely on your personal opinion but refer to the facts, and the argument you make will be strong and confident.

  • Remember the basics.
  • Your essay about community leadership should follow a rigid structure of an academic paper. Namely, a catchy introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement is a must. The body paragraphs should be focused only on your thesis and support it effectively. A conclusion should restate the thesis and wrap up your paper. | Essay Writing Secrets