Writing An Original Art Analysis Essay: Key Points On The Format And Structure

Writing an art essay needs more concentration and dedication than a normal essay. The student will have to choose a subject that relates to their preferences. An art analysis essay can review any piece of artwork in any form. If your teacher specifies a certain genre or form of art then you will have to stick with that. Otherwise, you have an open choice to move with whatever art object or exhibition you want to consider. It is important to add critical reviews and expert comments in the essay to show that you have an authenticated research.

When you sit down to write an art essay, remember that more than half of your time will be spent on choosing the right topic and carrying out research. Once you have a topic and relevant data, you can organize it in an outline and move towards the writing phase. This will be easy because you will have the plan in your head. An art essay will begin with an introduction about your essay. This is the part where you will give some insight about the artwork to your readers. They need to know what they will spend the rest of their time on. The next thing you need to include is the body paragraphs. They will talk about your major arguments for the paper. After the body of your art essay, you will need to summarize your essay in the conclusion.

To have some idea about the format and structure of your art essay, you need to consider the following:

  1. - An art essay will need direct quotes from renowned authors, which are relevant to your paper, make sure that the quotes are short and direct. Usually 2 or three quotes are enough as evidence in your essay
  2. - When you include a quote, you need to enclose it in quotation marks at the starting and end of the quote
  3. - Do not use phrases like “in my humble opinion” or “I think” or “I assume”, this is obvious that the art analysis is based on your ideas
  4. - Use art terms very carefully. Do not include a term if you are not sure about its exact meaning. These terms have a historical background in art, you need to respect that
  5. - Do not use slang, colloquial phrases, and jargons in your paper.
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