20 Successful Argument Of Fact Essay Topics For College Students

When you need to write an argumentative essay, it’s important to have a great topic. If you’re just finding one off the internet, it may not be interesting enough. Always ask your teacher before you begin working on a topic. The ones included in this article are from past successful essays that can get you a good mark if you do your research and have a structured, edited essay.

It’s not just the topic, but how you talk about it that affects grade. Think about each one of the topics below while you’re reading the instructions for your homework. Is there any that stand out to you personally, or seem intriguing to learn more about? You can even ask your friends what their topics are and choose a similar one if they inspire you. It’s a great way to collaborate and help each other while still writing your own separate projects. In college, things are hard enough without not knowing what to write on your essays, so it’s great when you can have a place to start. The topics on this page are exactly that—a good starting place.

Topics for great argument of fact essays

  • 1. Should scientists be using animals for research purposes?
  • 2. Are humans too dependent on their computers?
  • 3. Should smoking cigarettes be illegal?
  • 4. Is it effective or acceptable to use the death penalty?
  • 5. Is there any way for pro-abortion and pro-life groups to work together?
  • 6. Are we contributing to global warming?
  • 7. Are the results of tests a good standard to hold schools at?
  • 8. Do video games focusing on violence encourage violent behavior?
  • 9. Should people receiving welfare have to have drug testing done?
  • 10. Should students of a class be able to grade their teachers?
  • 11. What laws should we have regarding cell phone use in cars?
  • 12. Do sports or martial arts keep teens from getting into trouble?
  • 13. Does it matter what age your partner is in a relationship?
  • 14. Is fashion really that important?
  • 15. How can we stop human trafficking?
  • 16. Should the military come to high schools to recruit students?
  • 17. Are athletes and actors paid too much?
  • 18. Would renewable energy to replace gasoline ruin the world’s economies?
  • 19. Should the minimum wage be raised for fast food workers?
  • 20. How to decide which people should be allowed to immigrate to the US?
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