Searching For My Essay Writer: Practical Tips

Although the best way to get an essay written where you will be guaranteed it is not plagiarized is to write it yourself, sometimes you just get stuck and need a little bit of a hand. However, which online companies can you trust? How do you know you are paying for quality? Below are some quick tips on finding an essay writer that you can be sure will do a good job.

  1. Do your research
  2. Make sure the essay writing company you are choosing has good reviews from other, real clients. To do so, you can check their reviews on their website. Although these are not necessarily 100% certain to be real reviews, it is a start. Unless you know someone who has used these services before it will be hard to know if they are legitimate.

  3. Make sure they can work with your brief
  4. When I was searching for my essay writer, I made sure I asked them as many questions as possible to make sure they understood the brief and could adhere to it. It is crucial that they can read through the guidelines that your tutor originally set and stick to them.

  5. Make sure they give you an original essay
  6. The essay they send you back should be 100% clear on Copyscape and should not be plagiarized in any way. If you do not check this and the content of the essay you hand in is plagiarized in any way you may well get 0% due to cheating so double check before giving the okay.

  7. Get value for money
  8. The right essay writing service will be able to complete your essay within the deadline you set for a reasonable amount of money. Although these services are not particularly cheap, the prices are competitive therefore look around.

  9. Check they have 24/7 customer service
  10. You should be able to contact your writer and the writing agency at any time of day, any day of the week. For example, if you have missed a crucial bit of information in the brief and need to send it to the writer to modify the night before you need to be able to make contact.

Ultimately the best way to find out if the online service you are using is reliable, and more importantly good is by reading reviews. There are some blogs and websites that give detailed reviews of various writing sites. Whatever you do, be aware of claims! There are a number of sites that offer “the best services you can find” but be aware that some claim to be amazing and actually are not able to complete the essay to the quality you are expecting or even within the deadline you set. | Essay Writing Secrets