What an Ad Analysis Essay Is And How to Write It

Advertising is a big part of modern life. It interrupts radio and television shows. It can be seen on the side of the road and on buildings. It is a core component to the internet. In fact it is estimated that around the world $450 billion is spent on advertising. With the amount of money involved in the field it is no wonder it is widely discussed in the academic world. In fact one of the most popular essay types of the advertising analysis essay.

So how do you write this?

  1. You introduce the product or the service which the advertisement is advertising. Whether it is a political advertisement or an insurance company or even a new ketchup brand you should never assume your reader has heard of it. Provide a short history as well as a description of it and its market share.
  2. Write about the target audience. This is the group of people to whom the advertisement is aimed. If the advertisement is selling playground equipment for ages 3-5 then the target audience is obviously parents who have children around that age. An advertisement is not going to appeal to anyone and everyone. It is going to be targeted at a core demographic. Your job is to determine who that demographic is.
  3. Explain to the best of your research how popular this advertisement has been. This might be a matter of running around town and seeing how often you can find the advertisement in magazines or on billboards. It might be uncovering the percentage of viewers who have watched a program during the time the advertisement aired. You can also use the internet to track how popular an advertisement has been on social networking sites and how many supports it has received such as retweets or “likes”. You might be able to find already compiled data that address this last item on Google or some other monitoring program.

Once you have covered all three of these core issues you can add something in just to give the essay a bit more depth. You might also consider reviewing a history of advertisements that are similar or new techniques that have been pioneered by the media. Make sure you have covered the basics before you start adding such refinements though.

Make sure your paper fits the requirements of your assignment too and that you have provided everything required in your instructions.

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