Tried And Tested Strategies For Writing A Persuasive Essay On Video Games

Writing a persuasive essay requires deep understanding of the subject you are addressing and developing a strong stance on what you will support in your paper. Students should start by developing a sound understanding of their subject and improving their knowledge before going into further details. If you like to create a winning persuasive paper, then you must make sure that the subject is of your interest. This helps in staying motivated and dedicated on writing your paper. You should develop your stance and gather strong evidence and logical arguments to support it so that you can convince your readers of your views. The readers will not agree with you because you think so or because you personally had a good or bad experience with the topic. You should be able to gather enough data to convince the readers of your ideas

  1. Video games are fun, especially if you are in your teen years, you would love sitting in front of the TV and having competition with your siblings and friends. The type of games you like would vary from person to person. It is not only about boys or girls but different individuals have different tastes for games depending upon their nature and interests. Some people like playing action, while others prefer strategy or simply quizzes. Another case could be that you do not like video games at all. You prefer reading a good book or watching a well composed documentary rather than wasting your time on playing video games. You may be more of an outgoing person and love outdoor sports rather than sitting at home and playing a bunch of silly games.

  2. The stance you take in your essay would vary on your own personal experiences and choices.

  3. Once you understand the subject and the prompt you are to address in your paper, you can go ahead and develop your stance. This should be clear and concise and must not create any confusion or contradiction for your reader. In a persuasive paper, you have to take one side and cannot have a 50-50 approach towards the topic.

  4. After you have a clear stance, you should move forward with finding relevant evidence and collecting data to prove it. You can do this by directed research and using various sources to collect your data. | Essay Writing Secrets