How to excel in crafting a perfect essay

Don't Complicate

Crafting a perfect essay is not as difficult as it may seem. Students often spend too much time trying to write complex sentences, but they usually make too many mistakes.

Structure well

Instead of trying to write with words that are beyond your capabilities, it is better to write an essay that is structured well, argued well, and written in words you understand.

Be Confident

The challenge for students is trusting in their abilities to be able to accomplish these goals. Once they do, they will excel at writing a perfect essay.

Be Creative

Crafting a perfect essay also involves writing a creative introduction. The thesis statement is given at the end of the paragraph, so the rest is fair game for your imagination.

Thoroughly Answer the Prompt

When thinking of the perfect essays, students often think that they need to avoid making any grammar mistakes. While grammar and mechanics are important, they do not make the essay perfect by any means. A perfect essay needs a solid argument that is well developed with factual support. Perfection like this comes with a well-crafted thesis statement, topic sentences that logically support it, and details that complete the picture. As long as these pieces are in place, a few grammar errors will not make much of a difference.

Essays need to have prompts and thesis statements need to answer the prompt. So, if there is a question or a directive to support, the thesis statement needs to include words that show you actually read the prompt and you will write about it. Students often fail to include any reference back to the prompt. The topic sentences should also show that you thought about the paragraphs you put it in and that you thought about the part of the thesis that you are trying to prove.

Use Powerful Details and Examples

In order to support the topic sentences, which support the thesis, students have to include powerful details and examples. Without the details and examples, the thesis and topic sentences are just opinions that become meaningless. These details need to be facts and the examples need to show how the facts support the main ideas. Without strong facts, the essay is strongly flawed, rather than perfectly written.

There are several different options for introductory hooks and the one you choose is where you get to flex your crafting muscles. These options include beginning with interesting quotes, a series of questions, an anecdote, or a startling statistic as well as a few others. The perfect introduction includes a bridge between the hook at the beginning and the thesis at the end.

The perfect essay also requires a quality conclusion that does more than just wrap up the essay. It should offer a call to action or something for the reader to further consider. It should wrap up the main points of the essay so the reader can have one last chance at the main point of the essay. The conclusion should bring the essay full-circle so the reader does not feel like anything has been forgotten by the writer. | Essay Writing Secrets