Cuban Missile Crisis

It is widely known that America hates communists and just about everything to do with nondemocratic societies, as a result, Cuba, only 90 miles off the coast of Florida, has been under constant threat of invasion by the US since before the days of World War Two. After World War Two was over, America found itself enemies of the USSR and sought to place missile silos on the land of US allies in Europe. The then leader of the Soviet Union responded to this by agreeing to the request of Cuba’s president, a request asking that the USSR place missile silos on Cuban soil to prevent further harassment by America.

Nuclear War

The possibility of this has scared me since the day I learned of it. Nuclear war could mean the end of life for not only those on ground zero, but for all life on earth as we know it. The consequences of multiple nuclear explosions in populated areas can have drastic effects on the entire planet and it’s terrifying when large nations posture using these weapons as bargaining tools. This is truly ridiculous and it’s a shame that intelligent leaders still resort to this method of negotiation in this modern day and age. These weapons should not even exist, there are many better ways to spend trillions of dollars, none of which involve the destruction of life on earth.


A major cause of the Cuban missile crisis was politics. Through my observation, politicians often make bold claims in order to gain favor during elections, without having any real intention of carrying them out. When they do get in office they are challenged by the population to keep their promises, so missiles get made and placed into ready position. Even if the missiles are never fired, they exist and if they exist, they can one day be used. This is exactly the case in this crisis when the then president of America declared that the USSR had more weapons than the US had and invested heavily into the production of bigger and better nuclear weapons.

In the end, this crisis was resolved, the two great nations have since then resolved most of their issues and continue to maintain this relationship today. Powerful people and countries should learn to seek better ways of resolving their issues instead of by force, an option that usually proves to be painful and expensive, leaving lasting effects. | Essay Writing Secrets