A List Of Exciting Essay Topics For Moby Dick

Herman Melville created a piece of literary genius when he wrote Moby Dick. It is both a documentary of sea life and an allegory of life. Most students will have to read this work and write an essay on it. One of the best ways to ensure that you write an exciting essay is to choose a topic that is exciting in itself. Take pride in your piece and make sure that you really look into the meaning instead of just the words.

The topic that you choose will help you write a paper worth reading. It will really define the type of response that you are looking for. Finding meaning in the text is a great way to show that you understand the text. If you write your paper on the actual plot and not the deeper meaning, you may not get a very good grade for the assignment. You have to strive to find a deeper meaning. What does something mean? Why do they keep referring to that? These are the types of questions that you should ask yourself when you are getting ready to write your paper.

  • In the book, there are many references that suggest that there are limits to knowledge. There are always things that we don’t know. How is it portrayed in the book?
  • How is foreshadowing used?
  • What does whiteness mean to Ishmael?
  • What are some ways that whales are defined throughout the piece?
  • How is the whale and the sea compared in terms of their depth?
  • What does the Pequod stand for?
  • How does Queequeg’s coffin symbolize both life and death?

When you have chosen your topic, you should start rereading through the book to find some solid examples from the text to prove your point. These examples will represent the meat of the paper. they will be your ammunition. You need to make sure that you not only support your points with examples, but explain what those examples mean. Your paragraphs should start out with a topic sentence that states the main point. The next part will be one reason why you believe this statement and your explanation. This will be followed by additional reasons and additional explanations. The last sentence should bridge to the next topic. transitions are important in maintaining a healthy flow to your paper, so don’t forget them.

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