Prisoner-Of-War Camp

A campsite used to house the prisoners obtained during wartime. Usually prisoners would consist of Soldiers but of course not limited too. Often civilians would be mistaken for soldiers and taken to the prisoner’s camp site. The camps are often described as dingy and not well maintained.

These Prisoner of War camps have been used since the Napoleonic war for the last two hundred years during wars of main conflict. From Civil wars to world wars these campsites have been home to many people. Often one side of the conflict would capture, but not kill, many people or prisoners. They would use them as bribes or even bargaining chips to convince their opposition to give into their demands.  During wartime deaths are inevitable, so taking prisoners to save lives is ideal for both sides. Even though most of the prisoners still do not survive. It is not as if most are killed on purpose. They will only be shot down if the opposition does not consider their demands. Most deaths are caused by lack of shelter as most camps are not very well built or even not built at all. Some camps are made entirely out of rows and rows of tents. Often in a cold reign these tents would not be enough shelter for the prisoners and they would die of hypothermia. These prisoners are also not very well taken care of. Usually the faction that they have become prisoners of only has enough food for their own people and not much of anything else for the prisoners. More prisoners would die of malnutrition and starvation than hypothermia. Though most factions only care about winning the war, some do a very good job taking care of their prisoners as they care more about people than winning the war. Food and shelter are often much overlooked comforts of the world and most often than not they are the difference between life and death.

In times of war it is inevitable to take prisoners. Usually holding their own men and women is the best way to get the opposing side to listen to your reason. These prisoner camps do not have to be poorly built. Many lives would be saved by building better shelters. Even more lives would be saved if more rations were prepared. No factions really prepare to take prisoners or how many they will take, but it is always good to be prepared and have a place for them to stay. | Essay Writing Secrets