A List Of Fresh College Essay Topics For Hamlet

Take notes whilst reading the play to help when it comes to writing the essay

If you have to write a paper on any of Shakespeare’s plays, the writing process becomes a lot easier if you have taken notes whilst reading the play. Whether you write them directly on the page of the book, next to the passage that you want to reference, or you have a separate notebook with which to write down any observations you make, by writing things down, not only does it help the memory process, but it makes it quicker and easier to look for any references.

Using study guides in order to create good essays

As well as taking notes, it can be quite useful to purchase a study guide. There are many study guides available for all of Shakespeare’s plays, and they provide a useful analysis with which to base your work on. Whether you are taking notes or using a study guide, both processes help to stimulate your mind and therefore think of good fresh essay topics to write about.

Reading other people’s interpretation and analyse of Hamlet

As well as using study guides, it can be a good idea to try and research and find out more about other people’s essays. Not only can it help you to learn more about the play, but it is an excellent way of providing creativity and inspiration when you need to think of topic ideas of your own. A simple search of the Internet will help you to find many past examples of essays written about Hamlet.

Some essay topics that you could use when writing a paper on Hamlet

  • -Analyse the way in which Comedy is used in Hamlet
  • -How is the theme of suicide approached and dealt with in Hamlet?
  • -Analyse the relationship between Hamlet and Gertrude
  • -What comparisons and distinctions can be made about the characters of Hamlet and Horatio?
  • -Analyse the different attitudes towards death displayed by the various characters in Hamlet
  • -Discuss the role and representation of women in Hamlet in terms of social commentary of the day
  • -Analyse the importance of revenge plots and their significance in Hamlet
  • -Various themes are covered in Hamlet: analyse and explain the importance of death and corruption
  • -Analyse three important aspects of Hamlet’s character
  • -Discuss the importance of having Hamlet set in the country of Denmark
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