What Makes An Excellent Compare And Contrast Essay

There are various types of essays. One of the best-known of these is the compare and contrast essay but exactly how do you know what makes such an excellent one? This is a question that is of great relevance to many students all over the world; this is especially true for students studying languages or the arts. There are certain properties and features that you have to watch out for.

  • Functional: Just as the name implies, a compare and contrast essay should do just that. It should be functional and meet all the requirements that are stipulated of such a write-up. If the article does not possess this property, then it is not worthy of being ranked in this category. Ask yourself how much the piece has been able to answer the questions posed on the subject.
  • Free of flaws: A piece that has been perfectly crafted by a gifted writer is devoid of flaws. These include errors of grammar, structure, syntax, lexis and things that others will consider to be trivial, a good example being the use of punctuation properly. Apart from being free of flaws, it should also be so smooth and easy to read that its coherence can be spotted easily.
  • Coherence: A piece of writing must be coherent in every sense of it. That means that the train of thoughts, ideas, opinions and views in the writing must follow logic and make total sense to whoever is reading it. An incoherent piece will be nothing but a collection of babble before a professor. Coherence is one way to ensure a piece of writing scores very high before either the teacher or an ordinary reader. A smooth transition from one part or paragraph to the other is a reflection of how coherent the writing is.
  • Adherence to rules: Writing is a highly sophisticated form of academic task. It is an art on its own, and there are rules and regulations that one has to learn. The more a writer pays close attention to the rules of writing; the better will be the outcome of the piece.

These are the features to watch out for whenever it is time to make a judgment on this particular type of writing. A professional touch is always going to be noticed, and this is what you should try and observe before you reach your conclusions.

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