Good Advice On How To Write An Essay About A Family Member's Death

An essay is a kind of academic paper that involves research and an author’s own opinion in relatively equal amounts. Depending on the type of essay, the quantity of your own opinion can grow significantly. As a rule, these are papers that make you speak about your own experience or about the events that you have witnessed.

A Sample Plan of Writing

  1. Compose an introduction.
  2. In the intro, you are supposed to explain the topic and the reasons that have forced you to explore the subject. You need to sound persuasive and confident, speaking about the importance of the research. For example, if you need to compose a paper that is dedicated to a sad matter of losing family members, explain why it’s so important to speak about the influence that such sorrowful events have on people, about the thoughts and emotions these people endure, etc.

  3. Express your own point of view, supporting it with arguments.
  4. Speaking about a family member’s death, you can rely on your own experience (providing you have one) or on the experience of other people. Researching the way such events influence people, you can develop your own point of view and then use the real examples as a support to your arguments. For example, if you can find real cases when people committed suicide due to their relatives’ passing, or the ones when people overcame the disaster for the sake of their children, etc., you will have great factual support.

  5. Speak about an opposite opinion and explain why you don’t agree with it.
  6. Keep in mind that there should be no personal judgement. If you don’t agree with a certain opinion, it doesn’t mean that this opinion is wrong or insane. You simply need to explain why you support your own point of view, that’s all.

  7. Conclude the project.
  8. In the conclusion, recapitulate everything that you have said above, in other words, speaking out no new ideas.

Find Useful Help

If you feel that an essay with such a deep psychological meaning is not what you like to write, you can resort to samples of other students’ projects that can be found in libraries, writing labs, online databases, etc. A sample can even help you develop a point of view in case you don’t have any. Besides that, you can see how other authors manage to provide their arguments, support them with interesting facts and examples, insert citations from the literature, etc. A good reliable sample can do miracles, and you will even like academic writing. | Essay Writing Secrets