Choosing Personal Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Writing a compare and contrast essay is not that difficult. You will have to pick two subjects and then highlight the differences and similarities between them. The main trick is picking the right subject to work on. Since this is not like other forms of writing you will have to pick two subjects or characters that are very similar yet different in their own way. The better suited the subjects are for compare and contrast, the better your paper will be. Here are a few tips and helpful suggestions along with a list of topics you can use to work on.

Why the right title is important

The topic is the first thing that the reader will notice about your work. When you are going to work on a paper, you will have to make sure that the title is interesting. When you are writing a paper on interesting title, you will have more chances of getting good grades. The right topic will impress the teacher and also get you better grades for your efforts.

List of topics for a compare and contrast essay:

  • Compare and contrast snobbishness to being nerdy.
  • The differences and similarities between Brutus and Anthony from the play Julius Caesar
  • The differences between online tutorials with a more traditional classroom
  • Compare and contrast between cats and dogs as pets.
  • Who makes for a better travel companion, a man or a woman?
  • Compare bulimia with anorexia and write how they are different and yet affect the body in a similar way.
  • Compare and contrast a book with its screen adaptation.
  • Compare and contrast the two world wars.
  • The differences between watching a movie at the multiplex with watching it at home on the DVD
  • The differences in the trials and tribulations of a city life with that of a rural life style
  • Given a chance which one do you think a man will choose? Urban lifestyle or country life
  • Compare and contrast two consecutive seasons of the best running television show.
  • Which one is better, the NASCARs or the Formula One? Compare and contrast these two races.

These topics will be very helpful if you are confused about what to work on. It does not mean you will have to write on one from this list. You can also pick one and then develop an idea around it. The list is meant to help you get a grasp of the possibilities. | Essay Writing Secrets